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Mobile Apps Eliminate The Need For Mobile Searches and allow you to get AHEAD of the need for mobile searches in your business.

Why do people search for information?

Because they don’t have it already. The mobile app allows you to give customers information WHEN or BEFORE they actually need it. Simply put: if customers have a pizza restaurant’s app on their smartphones, and get a coupon for 50% off a large deluxe pizza via the app, who will they call when it’s time to order pizza?

This has profound implications on branding and business channel innovation. You can see that these reasons are really just interconnected parts of one BIG reason. If a customer downloads your mobile app, you have a distinct, overwhelming advantage over all of your competitors. As long as your app is on their phone, you can market to them directly- in real time with Notifications – the things they value the most. And you will transform them from customers to clients, and from clients to relationships.

The Future of Mobile Apps changing the face of Marketing

In 2016, we have surpassed 82,5 Billion App Downloads

The trend of mobile surfing is here to stay and that can be solidified by the sheer numbers achieved from mobile app downloads across all networks. What the late Mr. Jobs (of Apple of course) had planned out from the beginning, has certainly gone main stream… globally.

Since the concept of mobile apps within smart devices started over 15 years ago the trend of using mobile devices has grown exponentially. Where there is success there to will be new competition as Apple has seen since developing their concept with RIM, Microsoft and Apple’s direct rival… Google.

Knowing the numbers are relatively real, the facts speak for themselves and this exploding trend is here to stay and we haven’t even come close to the mecca state at which the global masses are involved… but it’s coming!

The main way to stay successful in business is to clearly identify the future trends and capitalize on them early.

This is something the executives at Google are very good at… so in laymen’s terms, this trend is here to stay!

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