General Information:

Your website Package will be determined by the size of your website (pages) and content as well as the complexity of the site. We offer Brandlinx Regular, Silver, Gold and Platinum packages to suit your needs.

We put a lot of work in the background with SEO, back-linking and traffic tools to rank you as high as we can in the search engines, mainly Google. Our intention is to get you on Page 1 of Google searches for specific keywords so that your website is found by people searching for your particular Product or Service. While we can’t guarantee number one positions, our success rate has been very high.

Your website consists of two parts:

Domain name. This is your “address” where your site is hosted, the address you give clients to go to to find your site. If you are a local company, you would use domain extensions after your company name of or
Should your company be International, best domains to register would be .Com, .Org, .Net, .biz

Your domain registration is an annual fee which needs to be re-registered every year for your website to stay live.

Hosting. Brandlinx will Host your site on our Hosting Service Platform. Hosting is where all your website data is stored on the World Wide Web. Hosting is a monthly fee that is paid in advance, the fee depends on your Brandlinx Package, ie the size/content/complexity of your website.

Brandlinx has a reliable international award winning Hosting System based in the USA. With each Hosting package, we offer a Control Panel (which has many tools) and the monthly www hosting of your site.
Terms and Conditions:

Domain Registration

Brandlinx will register your Domain name, the first year is included in your initial invoice, thereafter, you will need to pay to re-register your domain every year. Failure to pay for your domain will result in your website being terminated.
The domain name while registered with Brandlinx is owned by you and you may issue an instruction for your domain to be transferred to another webmaster/company should you wish so.

Should you already have a domain registered, we will either apply for that domain name to be transferred to us or ask your domain registrar to point it to our servers (this would be done should you have an email system in place with your existing domain name) . We prefer the domain transferred to us so that we can control your search engine optimization, email systems and more.

Brandlinx takes no responsibility for your existing Domain transfer, we request a transfer, but the original registrant needs to approve the transfer before we can use it. In some cases, the original registrant cannot be found, or they simply do not co-operate with us, which means that we cannot continue or complete the website. In that case, we will still hold a client liable for full payment of the website.


Hosting as per industry norm needs to be paid in advance. We have 6 month or 1 year options. Hosting needs to be paid on time and 6 months in advance, unless otherwise arranged in order for the website to stay live.

We cannot carry any clients hosting fees due to the large up-front payment we have to make, so unpaid hosting will be suspended, and a re-connection fee of R180 may apply.


A 70% deposit is required on confirmation of the Web to be developed. We require the correct and valid information from the client to develop the website as soon as possible. Should the client fail to produce all the details, images and content within 3 weeks (15 working days) of the first deposit, Brandlinx will still require the Client to pay the Balance of the order, unless otherwise arranged.

To promote consistency and cash flow, the Balance, or outstanding payments to Brandlinx for each job needs to be paid within 3 days of the website being completed. During this time (3 working days), any changes or small adjustments need to be submitted, or Brandlinx will consider the job/development to be complete and finished.