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Disabled Community Access App

We all try not to discriminate when running our business or providing a service, on the grounds of race, sex, age.
But often we are so busy we overlook the Disabled when it comes to our website access.

Although not law in South Africa (yet), thousands of people who have a disability in our country use the internet and assisted technology to access online content, and need proper modes and features to be able to browse each site, especially sites that cover Healthcare and help them deal with their own disability.

We believe it vital that every website in SA becomes "Disabled Friendly". We have developed a powerful cloud-based script (application) that attaches to your site as a pop-up. Any visitor arriving on your site has full control (over 50+ features) and able to adjust your settings to their own specifications or requirements.

See our own example on the right, bottom (wheelchair icon) of this page.

There are also many benefits, making your website compliant will:
* Improve user experience
* Enhancing your online reputation
* Boosting your SEO efforts
* Expanding your customer reach
* Prevent future Lawsuits

Invitation Special: September 2022 only

Set up R 2 400, then R 280 per month    R 1 220 Once off (lifetime)

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